About Us

Pennylane specializes in buying property and lending money. Originally, in the Decatur area and other parts of Dekalb County, but now in Augusta, North Georgia, and Chattanooga.

Our passion for connecting buyers with their new home began in 2000, but has roots dating back much earlier.

The Story of Pennylane
Pennylane was an American Thoroughbred, who in 1996 was invited to the Centenial Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia.
A chestnut mare, bred in Maryland, Pennylane made a name for herself and owner, John Barbee, which led to the North American Young Riders’ Championship and continued on to the Olympics and World Championship
in Europe.
As a descendant of Royal Charger–one of the most influential sires of perfomance horses–Pennylane excelled in courage, heart and stamina throughout her career.
She was retired in 1997 by Capt. Mark Phillips, former British Olympic gold-medal winner and USA Olympic Team Coach 1993 – 2012.
Pennylane’s legacy of soundness, authenticity and honesty are the hallmarks for Pennylane Properties today. Our name, our logo and our website all bear her image and celebrate the life and accomplishments of this incredible horse.

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Renovation Portfolio – Before & After Photos

Here are some of our before and after photos from houses we’ve had remodeled. The contractors we work with take a lot of time and care to do the job right, often times preserving and restoring original finishes. Gladney Dr in Chamblee Before: After         Mead Rd. in Oakhurst Village  Before: After: …